A New Gathering Place for the City

Landmark Biodomes in the Heart of The Capital

Many factors lead to the success of a city attraction. The place must catch the imagination and kindle expectations even before arrival. The attraction must be accessible to all and should touch and lift the spirit of the visitor. On approach, the place should stand out as an enticing statement in the landscape that beckon to the people and draws one in.

In cooperation with the city authorities it is being prepared that BioDome Reykjavík, will be constructed in the centre of the Capital region, on the edge of the outdoor recreational area Elliðaárdalur.

A cluster of distinctive domes that are gravitating around a central plaza and marketplace form a functional whole and a dynamic sustainable environment that stimulates and intrigues and create a strong sense of place.

With a smart use of geothermal energy, the Biodomes serve as a green oasis in the cityscape. The largest BioDome contains a rich subtropical environment, with exotic species growing in dense profusion. This will be a multi-functional space with a reception and information area, specialty restaurant, visitors' shop and marketplace emphasising Icelandic fresh products, gathering areas as well as toilet facilities. In addition to experiencing the green vegetation and horticulture, unique meeting facilities are there to rent as well as entertainment possibilities and guided tours will be offered.

The unique and thought-provoking environments of the Biodomes are eye-catching visual landmarks on the city skyline. Close attention is paid on the choice of materials, their aesthetic qualities and sustainability. Each structure catches and reflects the ever-shifting play of light from day to day and season to season – similarly to the burgeoning plant-life within. Striking colours, forms and textures of the vegetation, and the bustling throngs of visitors, will create a world of magic and a feast for the senses and the imagination.